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What Makes Suzie & Ed Different?

Edwin (Ed) O’Malley

As a life-long, year-round resident of the Bay Head and Mantoloking area, Ed combines his outstanding local knowledge and connections with his 20 year...

As a life-long, year-round resident of the Bay Head and Mantoloking area, Ed combines his outstanding local knowledge and connections with his 20 year...

Mar 6 4 minutes read

What Makes Suzie & Ed Different?

Not all agents are created equal.  Here are just a few of the things that help Suzie & Ed stand out from the crowd, and make them one of the top teams in the markets that they serve.

Lifelong residents of the area

Suzie and Ed have lived in the area for their entire lives - Suzie grew up in Bay Head, and has lived there for most of her life.  Ed grew up in Mantoloking, and currently lives in Brielle.  As a result, they know the area history, what has changed over time, and the significance of events such as Superstorm Sandy.

A full time team

Suzie and Ed are both full time agents - they work hard in real estate 7 days a week, all year long.  Also, they have worked as a team for nearly 20 years - they share a large pool of knowledge and experience, and know just about everyone in the area!  While they do take vacations sometimes, if one is away, the other is in town.  .

50+ years of experience

Together, they have more than 50 years of experience helping buyers and sellers throughout the area.  Suzie was first licensed in 1989 (34 years), Ed was first licensed in 2001 (22 years).

Constant communication and followup

Whether it be in person, or via phone, email, or text, Suzie and Ed are quick to reach out with any news or feedback regarding a listing or sale, and also respond quickly to communications from their clients.

Stunning photography, aerial video

Having the right photography, video, and other media can make a big difference when marketing a property.  Suzie and Ed hire the best photographers and videographers available, and Ed is also licensed as a commercial drone pilot.   

Strategic home staging

When browsing homes online, or touring them in person, perhaps you have seen situations that were detrimental to the market of a home -lack of preparation for photography or showing, lack of proper staging, and more.  Suzie and Ed will always walk through a home and property with the owner, prior to photography and showings, to ensure that it shows in the best way possible.  Professional staging is also available if appropriate.

Cutting edge marketing campaigns

Online and off, Suzie and Ed use the best marketing  methods possible to market their listings - this includes targeting mailings, retargeting, marketing to their sphere of influence, including existing clients, and more.

Advanced social media technology

The marketing benefits offered by social media (including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin) are always changing, but Suzie and Ed keep up with the technology, and use it to their clients' best advantage.  This includes landing pages, targeted social media advertising, "Form on Facebook" ads, retargeting, and more.  

Expert negotiation

Whether buying or selling, Suzie & Ed have been on both sides of the table many times - good and bad markets, single or multiple offers, and unique and challenging situations that don't come along every day!  They have helped many clients buy and sell successfully over the last few decades.

Local market expertise

Due to the fact that they work where they live, Suzie and Ed know all the ins and outs of the towns and areas that they serve.  This includes pros and cons of the various towns and neighborhoods, but in some cases, the history of specific properties - they may have helped list or sell that same property in the past, sometimes multiple times!  They are also aware of significant events such as storms, flooding, fires, environmental hazards, neighborhood concerns, and more.

If you want to hear what other say about Suzie & Ed, you can browse their Success Stories, or look them up on Google!

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