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Bay Head and Mantoloking Weather Resources

No matter when and why you spend time in Bay Head and Mantoloking, the current and coming weather aways plays a role.  Below you will find links to some of our favorite resources for weather, radar, tides, and more.  If you have questions about these or other resources, or think something should be added, please let us know.

Current NOAA Storm Briefings

Though there are many good weather websites and apps out there, one of our favorite resources is the National Weather Service's "Current Briefing" for our area.  Any time there is a major storm predicted for our area (which is served by the Philadelphia National Weather Service Office), the NWS produces a current briefing (usually updated multiple times as a storm approaches).  This PDF will include all of their predictions for the upcoming storm, regardless of the threat or hazard - eg - wind, rain, flooding, snow, etc.  Note that this link does not change - if no current briefing has been issued, you will see the last briefing for the most recent storm.  Also, in general, for hurricanes and tropical storms, the National Hurricane Center will take precedence over the current briefing as the best source of information.

Favorite All-Around Weather App

Shadow Weather is our current favorite all-around weather app - it is free, and offers just about every sort of current weather or forecast that you can think of.  Precipitation of all sorts, sunlight, cloud cover, wind, radar, and more.  Works on Apple and Android.

Wind Predictions and Radar

Our favorite website and app for wind predictions and radar (and more) is Windy.  They make it very easy to pinpoint and view your exact location, both for predicting wind relative to your location, and for very high quality radar.  They also provide a tool that allows you to see the location of active lightning. 


The best resource that we've found for current tide charts, and other tide data, is the NOAA Tides website.  It offers a map where you can view and search for specifci tide stations.  For example, here you can see the data from the tide station near Old Bridge Street, in Mantoloking.  Closer to Bay Head, there is also a tide station at the entrance to Beaver Dam Creek.

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